Past Scholarship

M.A., Theatre Thesis (2018): “Growing Tribes: Reality Theatre and Columbus’ Gay and Lesbian Community"

M.A., Teaching Thesis (2016): “Let Me Queer This Up for You: LGBTQ-Inclusive Curricula and Pedagogy"

2019- "Cripped Visuality: Shifting Visual Culture of Disability in One-Woman Shows"

Published in the Texas Theatre Journal, Vol. 16

2019- "Writing Ourselves into Existence: Trans-Queer Visibility in Binary Spaces"

Paper Presentation, Association of Theatre in Higher Education Conference

2019- “Queer and We Were Here: Combatting Metronormativity in Gay and Lesbian Theatre History.”

Paper Presentation, Mid-America Theatre Conference Theatre History Symposium


2018- “Community Building and Queer Comedy.”

Invited Talk, Hobart and William Smith Colleges


2018- “Finding Columbus’ Gay Tribe: Reality Theatre and Community Engaged Performance”

Invited Panelist, Indiana University-Ohio State University Folklore Student Conference

2017- “Making Spectacles of Ourselves: Personal Narrative and Theatre for Social Change.”

Paper Presentation, American Theatre in Higher Education Conference


2017- “Give Them Another Narrative: LGBTQ-Supportive Theatre Pedagogy.”

Paper Presentation, Mid-America Theatre Conference Pedagogy Symposium


2015-“Women’s Theatre Group: Disrupting the Patriarchy Since 1973”

Paper Presentation, Southeastern Theatre Conference Convention Young Scholars Panel

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